Partners & Associates
Each of our partners and associates contribute to the wealth of experience and distinguished reputation of the firm.
Wilfred McKenley
Wilfred McKenley, Partner
Wilfred McKenley has over twenty five years experience in the accounting and auditing industry.
Janice McKenley
Janice McKenley, Partner
Janice McKenley has over sixteen years auditing experience, specializing in Computerized Information Systems Risk Management (CISRM).
Louise Beecher
Louise Beecher, Associate
Mrs. Beecher, because of her many years of service within the Government, has developed special skills in auditing government institutions and special government projects
Bruno Loffler
Bruno Loffler, Associate
Bruno Loffler is a chartered Accountant with over twenty years of experience in the fields of auditing, accounting, purchasing, warehousing and distribution.
Professional Solutions, Inc.
Professional Solutions, Inc.
Professional Solutions, Inc. (PSI) in the United States is an affiliate of McKenley & Associates.